Multimedia: Sound, Editing


The three-year BA programme offers fundamental theoretical and practical education in Film and Television Studies. Given the popularity of the study line, the number of students admitted per year (around 15) is constantly growing.


From the second year, students have the opportunity to choose between the following two specializations:

  • Cinematographer (Film and Television): Candidates study the art and practice of cinematography and film techniques based on courses such as Lightning and Exponometry, Complex Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Creative writing, Film History and Theory and Commercials.
  • Multimedia: Editor – Sound Technician/Designer: The study line focuses on post-production processes in film and television e.g. techniques of sound, video and ancillary production services and software. Students get an insight into the art of multimedia, video installation, animation and further hybrid filmmaking techniques. Courses include Sound Design; Digital Techniques: Television Graphics, Animation Techniques, Special Effects.


During the three-year programme, candidates study film genres and a great variety of television formats.


  • The first year of study focuses on basics of film, television and professional audio-visual language.
  • The second year aims for shorter genres. Emphasis is given to online media, television report, film essay as well as complex camera-shooting techniques.
  • The third-year education comprises complex genres, such as short films, documentary films and television theatre.





The following degrees and Diploma Supplements (DS) can be obtained: Video and Motion Picture Editor, Sound Director

Alternative occupations: Film Animator, Audio-visual Producer, Broadcast Director